What is the Inside Out Understanding?

“In every systemic inquiry (methodos) where there are first principles, or causes, or elements, knowledge and science result from acquiring knowledge of these… It is clear then that in the science of nature as elsewhere, we should try first to determine questions about the first principles.”


At the heart of transformative coaching is an understanding of the principles behind the human experience. A principle, as I am using the word here, is something that’s fundamental – true for all people at all times, with no exceptions.

When it comes to human beings, our experience of life can be understood via three simple “facts of life” – we are alive, we are aware, and we think.

When we look at where our experience of life comes from, we begin to see that the system only works one way – from the formless energy of thought to the infinite forms of experience. Nothing outside us can create any particular experience on the inside, or to put it more colloquially:

We think we’re experiencing reality,
but in reality we’re experiencing our thinking.

As a kind of shorthand, we talk about this one-way system as working “inside-0ut”.

Through a combination of short essays and live videos, this mini-course will serve as both an introduction to the inside-out understanding and an in-depth look at the principles underpinning it.

One piece of advice before you begin:

As best you can, go through the course as an explorer, not a researcher. While researchers take notes and gather data for later analysis and better map-making, explorers throw themselves into the territory.

If you let it, this will be the beginning of a life-long exploration, the purpose of which, in the words of T.S. Eliot, is “to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

Have fun, learn heaps, and happy exploring!


Begin Here!

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Course Content

  • Begin Here!
    • What is the Inside Out Understanding?
    • The Principles Behind the Human Experience
    • Bringing Your Genius to Life
    • An Inside Out View of Performance and Results Part 1
    • An Inside Out View of Performance and Results Part 2
    • Two Pieces of Advice
    • A Preview of Coming Attractions
  • Continue Here! Videos Await 🙂
    • What are the Three Principles? (19min)
    • The Principles are always at work (3min)
    • Redefining Happiness (31min)
    • The Three Principles: What’s True About Life (35min)
  • Additional Resources
    • What are the Three Principles? (Radio Show- 53min)
    • What are the Three Principles? (Short Blog)
    • The Three Languages of the Three Principles
    • Books