Grounding, Coaching, Business Building- It’s all grounding (5min)

Michael on: Grounding, coaching, business building- It’s all the same. It’s all about understanding the human experience and it is all grounding.

Run time: 5 minutes

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  • Course Content

    • Understanding
      • What is the Point? (42min)
      • The Meaning Of The Word ‘Grounding’ (13min)
      • Elsie Spittle: Listening to Wisdom and Sharing What You Know (7min)
      • Cathy Casey on Grounding (9min)
      • Grounding and Common Sense (6min)
      • Exercising Wisdom Makes it Stronger (2min)
      • The Feeling Does the Work (4 min)
      • The Creative Power of Thought (3min)
      • Mind is Spiritual – The Brain is Biological (2min)
    • Explorations of Grounding
      • Dicken Bettinger (1hr 24min)
      • Aaron Turner (1hour 33min)
    • Living and Coaching
      • Grounding Explained (3min)
      • Beyond Imagination (8min)
      • Commitment, Freedom and the Space Where Miracles Happen (8min)
      • Engaged Presence (9min)
      • Difference Between Ideas From Others And Insight (6min)
      • Beyond Grounding (1 hour 13min)
      • The Aliveness of Insight (7min)
    • Impact
      • The Source and Changing the Game (19min)
      • Impact, Grounding, Presence (15min)
      • Elsie Spittle: Insight – Presence – Impact (3min)
      • We Tend to Evaluate Impact Off How We Feel (1min)