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What is Transformative Coaching?

People hire coaches for one simple reason: They want to get more out of themselves and their lives than they seem to be getting on their own. As a transformative coach, I begin with the premise that the starting‑point for all life‑enhancement projects is a deeper understanding of the nature of the human experience. People will naturally get more out of themselves when they understand more about who they are and how the human system works. They’ll automatically get more out of their lives when they gain more insight into how life works.

The kinds of changes that transformative coaching leads to can be usefully viewed on three levels…

Supercoach Cafe With Michael Neill

Each month we will meet up to talk shop in our virtual Supercoach Cafe .

You will be sent a video via email the week before our Cafe call. Please watch the video and reflect on what you hear. I'll start off the call with a short discussion or possibly an exercise relating to the video topic, then it is over to you! Ask questions, get coached and explore more together about working with clients and building your practice.

Did you miss the last call? No problem! In the cafe you will find recordings of all of the Cafe calls since we began in 2014: 70+ hours of exploration! Sit back, listen in and enjoy the conversation.

Mentor's Meetup

Would you like to get coached on your coaching? The Mentor's Meetup is a special space to see more about transformative coaching by listening to actual coaching calls with real clients, getting feedback, and exploring behind the curtain with some of the top coaches in the world.

Not a coach yet? No worries. Join the meetup, listen in, ask questions and see more about coaching from the Three Principles Understanding. Each month we will have a different mentor coach and new mentee. So each call wil be unique and fresh.

Would you like to volunteer to be mentored on your coaching? Once in the meetup, click the tab to volunteer.

The Art & Science of Coaching

What is the point and the path? How transformative coaching wakes people up, helps people go beyond their psychology, and helps people create cool ‘stuff’ in the world.

Run Time: 20 minutes



Are you just getting started with coaching?

Whether you are brand new to the field or within your first year or two, this is the place to begin. We’ve tailored content created specifically to introduce the basics in the art and science of coaching and point you in the direction of becoming a transformative coach.



Are you a seasoned coach, but just beginning to delve into coaching from the Three Principles Understanding?

You are in the right place! Dive in here, see more for yourself and begin coaching from the space of ‘global change’- a pervasive shift in our understanding and way of being in the world.



Are you a Three Principles Practitioner?

How would you like to expand your impact in the world? We have a host of resources to soak in and delve through as you continue on the journey of deepening your understanding and developing your art as a coach.


Your understanding of life (or replace ‘life’ with ‘the human experience’) and what life looks like to you.

Grounding is a word used to describe our understanding of the human experience. The Three Principles (3Ps) isn’t something you can learn, rather the 3Ps is a description of how our Mind and the world works. Often Grounding is refereed to as Understanding. The deeper we understand the human experience, the simpler life becomes.

Within this section is an exploration of that which is true for all human beings. As you explore, consider forgetting everything you think you know and listen for Truth… or as Syd Banks would say: listen for a beautiful feeling.

“Do not try to understand the words of the wise from an intellectual perspective. Listen for a positive feeling.“Syd Banks


Understanding the human experience in the realm of coaching

Transformative coaching changes our entire experience of life.  People will naturally get more out of themselves when they understand more about who they are and how the human system works.

In this section you will explore the art and science of transformative coaching as well as hear experienced coaches coach.

Some questions to consider: How does our understanding permeate how we create everything in life? And what, as coaches, can we assist our clients in unleashing and creating?

Practice Building

Understanding the human experience as it is experienced in the realm of business.

How do the principles behind the inside-out understanding apply when you’re looking to build a practice?

There is a fundamentally different way of growing a business than what is traditionally taught.

Consider what it would be like to build a practice from a place of freedom and creativity. What if your practice was an purely an expression of service?

Intrigued? Take a look inside and be up for a shift in perspective on what it takes to succeed.

“In every area of life everyone is capable of seeing from a higher perspective than they do now. You are never stuck. You’re simply limited by the level you are seeing from.”

-Syd Banks