Explore the art and science of transformative coaching through a combination of short-form lectures, mini-courses, and watching actual transformative coaching sessions filmed in real-time!

While traditional coaching helps people with performance and results, transformative coaching boosts productivity, creativity, and impact while changing people’s entire experience of life.  We all naturally get more out of ourselves and our lives when we gain a deeper understanding of who we are and how the mind really works. 

All of the videos and audios in this section are designed to support you in developing your own impact as a coach while highlighting some of the differences between the transformative approach and other modalities of coaching. The goal is not to “be like me” or any of the coaches you will have the opportunity to watch working with clients; it’s to see for yourself at a deeper level that we can really trust the real-time responsive intelligence and capacity for insight in ourselves to unleash those same capacities in our clients.

The Art and Science of Coaching

On Coaching

Permission and Agreements

Coaching Sessions

Coaching Intensive from Supercoach Academy 2018

Coaching Intensive from Supercoach Academy Europe

Course Content

  • The Art and Science of Coaching
    • What’s our Job: The Art and Science of Coaching (9min)
    • Do the art and the science become indistinguishable? (4min)
    • How do we know how we are doing as coaches? (7min)
  • On Coaching
    • The Two Parts of Our Job as a Coach (33min)
    • Wisdom: Our Ever Present Resource (12 min)
    • Comfort in the Unknown (7min)
    • A Direction to Point (7min)
    • The Difference Between Pointing and the Point (5min)
    • The Difference Between the What and The How (2min)
    • Soul to Soul (5min)
    • What do you see about pushing and challenging clients? (6min)
    • How do we know where to point clients? (6min)
  • Permission and Agreements
    • Permission (5min)
    • Linda Pransky on Getting a Contract with Clients (2min)
    • Michael on Agreements (14min)
    • Our Entire World Functions by Agreement (6min)
    • Coaching Outside of an Agreement Versus Introducing Possibility (3min)
  • Coaching Sessions
    • Jack Pransky 2019 (1hour 32min)
    • Linda Pransky 2019 (1hour 27min)
    • Aaron Turner 2017 (1hour 27min)
    • Barb Patterson 2018 (1hour 29min)
  • Coaching Intensive from Supercoach Academy 2018
    • Rob Day 1 (1hr 37min)
    • Rob Day 2 (59min)
    • Rob Day 3 (1hr 4min)
  • Coaching Intensive from Supercoach Academy Europe
    • Michael Intensive Day One Morning (55min)
    • Michael Intensive Day One Afternoon (58min)
    • Michael Intensive Day Two Morning (58min)
    • Michael Intensive Day Two Afternoon (41min)
    • Michael Intensive Day Three (54min)
    • Michael Intensive: Questions and Reflections (26min)