You are not your thoughts.

The less people care what they have on their mind, the better life gets. The more deeply they understand the human experience, the simpler life becomes.

More than 2000 years ago, the Greek scientist Archimedes famously said “Give me a long enough lever and a place to stand and I can move the world.”

While most coach training focuses on finding longer levers (i.e. techniques and strategies to create “leverage”), transformative coaching gives us a place to stand. We call that place to stand our “grounding”.

Each short-form lecture and mini-course in this section is focused on deepening your understanding of the principles behind the inside-out understanding, often referred to as “the Three Principles”, or 3P’s. “Understanding” in this sense is not an intellectual achievement, but something you get in the same way as you get a joke. Being able to explain why a joke is funny doesn’t really help anyone. If you laugh, it means you got the joke.

The equivalent of laughter in the transformative conversation is insight – those light bulb moments that suddenly allow us to see our problems, challenges, and circumstances in a new light. While most insights are more Homer Simpson saying “Doh!” than Moses hearing the voice of God, they are inevitably accompanied by a feeling of quiet, clarity, and spaciousness.

“Do not try to understand the words of the wise from an intellectual perspective. Listen for a positive feeling.“ – Syd Banks



Explorations of Grounding

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