Transitioning Coaches

Are you already trained in and/or a practitioner of one or more coaching/therapeutic modalities?

If you’re ready to explore a whole new way of thinking about coaching, leading, and helping others, this is the place to begin…

Start Here!

The mini-courses below were deliberately designed to be “lovingly disruptive”. If you’re willing to bring an open mind and really look where the lessons are pointing, you will inevitably see things that will have an instant impact on your practice and a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) impact on your life!


Unlearning the Rules of Coaching

 This mini-course is based on inquiring into a simple question:

What if everything you’d learned about coaching was up for grabs and there were no rules that needed to be followed?


True listening isn’t an activity – it’s the space in which we can hear beyond the words our clients are using and help them access fresh thinking, new insight, and deeper wisdom


This mini-course will help you to see beyond the myth of “the resistant client” and into what becomes possible when someone is truly inclined to listen and learn…

Invisible Impact

In this 8 part mini-course, you’ll get a taste for what’s really on offer when we point our clients away from the outside world as our source of well-being and security and come home instead to the “inside” – the formless reality that’s always already waiting for us before and beyond our thinking.

Stories of Transition

While some people come to transformative coaching with a clean slate, most of us already have some kind of previous coach training (or as in my case nine separate certifications in different modalities!) Each one of the brief videos in this section is a chance to hear someone else’s story of transition – the highs, the lows, and everything in between.