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Practice Building

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Practice Building From the Inside Out

Money and Exchange for Service: It’s All Made Up!

A Whole New Way of Thinking About Sales

What if Everything You Knew about Practice Building is Just Wrong?

Practice Building with Steve Chandler from SCA 2018 (7.5 hours)

Practice Building with George Pransky from SCA Europe (7.5 hours)

Practice Building with Michael and Mara Gleason Olsen from SCA 2020 (9 hours)

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The Game is the Exchange (14 min)

Could growing a business be as simple as living in the truth of who you really are? Michael Mara Gleason Olsen and explore simplicity, security, and whole new way of thinking about money.

In this clip Michael mentions the story of exchanging paper clip for a house. Here is the rest of that story: What if you could trade a paperclip for a house?

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