Business Catalyst Webinars

“Business” can be defined in many ways, but it’s simply a vehicle to facilitate the exchange of value. We put in value, generally in the form of our time and creativity, and the business gives us back value, generally in the form of money.

In some ways, human beings are remarkably straightforward. We will always do what makes sense to us at the time as best we can, given the thinking we have that looks real to us. In the Business Catalyst Webinars, we will be exploring the nuts and bolts of creating a thriving practice, but even more vital to business growth: we will look at the premises that often get in the way operating from a space of clarity around why we do what we do. This changes the game for our clients and our businesses .

Our business may wind up looking (from the outside) remarkably similar to one that exists purely to make enough money for its founders to thrive. But it’s all coming from what’s wanted and needed in real time.

It’s coming from the best we have inside us – our compassion love and creativity – not our insecure thinking, fear, and lack. It’s coming from presence and possibility, not from a place of cleverly tricking people into being eaten by my monster so that it will lay enough eggs so that me and my loved ones will be OK.

And here’s the payoff:

Anything that comes from presence, possibility, freedom, and love carries the flavor of its origin in everything it does.

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