What is “Supercoaching”?

Traditional coaching takes place primarily in a horizontal dimension – coaches assist their clients in getting from point A to point B. Yet lasting change nearly always happens in the vertical dimension – a deepening of the client’s ground of being and greater access to inspiration and inner wisdom.

While this has generally led to an either/or approach to success and personal growth and a sharp division between therapy and coaching, transformative coaching (or, as I like to call it, ‘supercoaching’) uses the vertical dimension to facilitate change on the inside even as you continue to move toward your goals on the outside.

(For a more detailed description, you can read this excerpt from the 10th Anniversary Edition of my book Supercoach: 10 Secrets to Change Anyones Life.)

In this section, you’ll find videos and audios introducing you to the vertical dimension of coaching – what I often call “the transformative conversation”. If you listen with a quiet and open mind, you will be surprised (and perhaps at times even shocked) at how life begins to change.

As the world starts looking simpler to you, your ability to point your clients towards their own capacity for effortless change increases, seemingly all by itself and without the need for any additional effort, discipline, or willpower.