Michael 2019 WBECS (1hr 25min)

Michael coaches Dr. Phuong Nguyen (a surgeon) as part of the World Business and Executive Coach Summit in September of 2019.

Coaching session begins at 2:15 and ends at 1:01:00 (59 minutes)

Q & A from 1:01:00 to 1:25:00 (24 minutes)

Run Time: 1 hour and 25 minutes

  • Progress

  • Course Content

    • The Art and Science of Coaching
      • What’s our Job: The Art and Science of Coaching (9min)
      • Do the art and the science become indistinguishable? (4min)
      • How do we know how we are doing as coaches? (7min)
    • On Coaching
      • The Two Parts of Our Job as a Coach (33min)
      • Wisdom: Our Ever Present Resource (12 min)
      • Comfort in the Unknown (7min)
      • A Direction to Point (7min)
      • The Difference Between Pointing and the Point (5min)
      • The Difference Between the What and The How (2min)
      • Soul to Soul (5min)
      • What do you see about pushing and challenging clients? (6min)
      • How do we know where to point clients? (6min)
    • Permission and Agreements
      • Permission (5min)
      • Linda Pransky on Getting a Contract with Clients (2min)
      • Michael on Agreements (14min)
      • Our Entire World Functions by Agreement (6min)
      • Coaching Outside of an Agreement Versus Introducing Possibility (3min)
    • Coaching Sessions
      • Jack Pransky 2019 (1hour 32min)
      • Linda Pransky 2019 (1hour 27min)
      • Aaron Turner 2017 (1hour 27min)
      • Barb Patterson 2018 (1hour 29min)
    • Coaching Intensive from Supercoach Academy 2018
      • Rob Day 1 (1hr 37min)
      • Rob Day 2 (59min)
      • Rob Day 3 (1hr 4min)
    • Coaching Intensive from Supercoach Academy Europe
      • Michael Intensive Day One Morning (55min)
      • Michael Intensive Day One Afternoon (58min)
      • Michael Intensive Day Two Morning (58min)
      • Michael Intensive Day Two Afternoon (41min)
      • Michael Intensive Day Three (54min)
      • Michael Intensive: Questions and Reflections (26min)